My Missing Stitches mixed tape

This was a brainstorming project I did a while ago, and it was a lot of fun. So, I decided to share the results with you today.

I don’t really worry much about major themes when I’m writing a book. At least not for the first few drafts. Those come later, and they’re never anything I plan. Once I see them, usually in the third draft, I do my best to bring them out. But the best themes come organically.

For Missing Stitches, several strong themes came out. Sacrifice was a major one, as were relationships between brothers. The biggest theme, at least the biggest one I saw, was refusing to bend or break. Through the whole story, Lenore is told over and over that she can’t break. I didn’t even realize the number of characters who were telling her not to break until I went through and re-read it.

To help myself get into the mood to really bring these themes to life, I made a playlist of songs that inspired those feelings within me. And it turned into a pretty fun playlist. So I wanted to share it with all of you today.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down, Jonny Cash

Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons

Shut the world away by Breaking Benjamin

When we die, bowling for soup

Landslide, by Stevie Knicks

Till I Collapse, Eminem

Hero, Skillet

Ten Thousand Fists, Disturbed

If you want, you can actually listen to the whole playlist right now on Youtube.

If you’re a writer, have you ever made a playlist for one of your books? Is there a song that makes you think of a specific book? Please share with us in the comments below.

The city of Septa has barely had a moment of peace since the death of their king, missing stitches-001Michael. Lenore, the princess, and heir, hopes that she and her husband, Victor, can bring some stability. Meanwhile, her brother Devon and his wife, Queen Sultiana, come to visit and meet Lenore and Victor’s twin daughters. Sultiana comes with a heavy heart, having just miscarried her own child, and lost her father.

Instead, Lenore finds herself battling against her uncle, Joseph, over her right to the throne. As he stirs the city into civil war, an ancient enemy reveals itself. Brother Brennan, who claims to speak for The Creator, is killing Septa citizens in the streets.

Then, Lenore’s daughters are kidnapped. While Victor and Devon hunt the city in search of the princesses, Lenore and Sultiana must lead her city in a war against her uncle, and a twisted holy man. The canals run red as Lenore fights for her city, her family, and the safety of the world, in the conclusion of Woven.

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