Broken Patterns, Chapter One

Reblogging for anyone who hasn’t read it yet. Who’s pumped for book three?

Paper Beats World

So, Broken Patterns is coming out on Friday. So, I wanted to give all of my PBW readers a sneak preview. Here, then, is Chapter One. I’ll be posting Chapter Two on Wednesday and Chapter Three on Friday. Hope you like it.

Part One


I have been so alone for so long. Since the other one had cheated me, leaving me in the darkness and cold, I have been alone. I had tried to find another place to bear my egg, my child, but there are precious few warm places in the darkness of the universe. There was nothing I could do, but hold it close to me as it died.

The other one’s child has flourished. Upon it, thousands of species had grown, warm and safe in the light of the sun. The sun that should have been mine.

I can bear this no longer.

Calvin Olendae didn’t…

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