The top ten most popular posts of 2019

Note: Sorry this post is so late. Had a stumach bug that put me down hard for a day. Worst time of the year for that.

I also wanted to let you know that all of the Woven Trilogy is on sale on Amazon right now for the holidays. Here’s a link. They’re on sale until Monday.

At the end of every year, I post a list of the most popular posts of the year. I love doing this post, and I love seeing similar posts from content creators across all the other platforms I frequent. It brings back a flood of memories from the year. Where I was, what I was doing and who I was with when I saw or read the posts. I hope you feel the same way, or this post is just an indulging of my nostalgia.

A lot has changed in 2019. I published the last in the Woven trilogy, started writing for a horror review site, and started writing a new science fiction series. (More on that to come.) Altogether, it hasn’t been a bad year. I mean, I’ve certainly had better. But I’ve also had worse.

Without further ramblings, here are the top ten most popular posts of 2019.

Worldbuilding questions to answer for a more realistic world

I enjoyed writing this post. Worldbuilding is something I’ve struggled with and seen done poorly by authors who seem to think it’s alright to just rip off Tolkien instead of writing anything original.

What is Speculative fiction

I’m so thrilled that so many people are interested in speculative fiction. I mean, it’s what I write, so I hope people like it.

What I learned as a flag football mom

This was surprising. It’s an older post. But I was pleased to see that it resonated. 

Picking apart Coraline

I’m pretty sure the popularity of this post is due to the artwork I put on Pinterest. Even so, I loved Coraline, and I learned a ton from it as a writer. So I’m pretty excited that you all loved it too. 

What I learned from Brooklyn 99

Despite the last season of this show being a bit of a flop, it’s still got a lot to teach storytellers. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

An open letter to the teacher who changed my life

I’m touched that this post was as popular as it was. So many wonderful teachers helped shape me into who I am. I hope that all of you had that experience as well.

Science Fiction Subgenres

All of these got a lot of love over the last year. I’m thrilled, and I really hope that they helped.

Keeping a poetry journal

Poetry continues to be a big topic of interest. I think I need to do some research to write more about it. 

Writing gunshot wounds realistically

This was a guest post, and it was the second most popular post of the year. I love/hate that. It was a great post with a great amount of information. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

Writing Dark Poetry

This was a post that I take a lot of pride in, and I’m beyond thrilled that it was the most popular post this year. Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out what sort of post is going to resonate. You pour time and research into something and it just doesn’t work for people. Then you write something off the cuff and it goes viral. This wasn’t the case with this post. I poured my soul into it, and it apparently spoke to a lot of people.

Thank you again for a year of wonderful adventures and learning. I hope that 2020 is even better.


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