Falling From Grace is now available for Pre-order!

Pretty exciting news today. Falling From Grace, the fourth book in the Woven series, is now available for pre-order! Meet Grace. A woman of the rebellion, Grace’s life has been one of hardship. Her people live in poverty, under the uncaring eyes of their mad king. So when her brother in law, Calvin, leads anContinue reading “Falling From Grace is now available for Pre-order!”

Comparing Victor and Calvin, or a discussion of the fine line between man and monsters

Today’s lovely cover image is by Esteban Arboleda Bermudez. Last week I compared and contrasted Lenore and Grace. That was a lot of fun, so I thought I’d do it again. This week, I want to compare Victor and Calvin. Unlike with Grace and Lenore, when the point was that I wanted them to notContinue reading “Comparing Victor and Calvin, or a discussion of the fine line between man and monsters”

A Falling From Grace playlist

This fantastic cover art is courtesy of Efes Kitap from Pixabay. One of my favorite writing practices is creating a playlist for my books. Music is magic, words and tones blending to create an emotional reaction to the listener in a way that I can’t describe but we all understand. Today I want to shareContinue reading “A Falling From Grace playlist”