Clockwork Wonderland

So, my favorite book as a kid was Alice in Wonderland. I pretty much love everything related to it, including the Looking Glass Wars series, Wonderland the comic book, American Mcgee’s Alice, and of course the new Alice movies. So, of course I had to include Clockwork Wonderland.

If you’ve ever looked over the whole world of fiction and games that encompass Alice in Wonderland, and it’s not as well known sequel called Through The Looking Glass, and thought to yourself, “This just isn’t scary or horrifying enough,” then this is your jam. Am I the only one who hears a story and thinks it needs more ghosts popping out of mushrooms?

Genre- Horror

Word Count– 2,500 to 5,000

Deadline– Oct 31


Wait Time– A decision will be made within three months of the due date.

Here is you link to the full submission guidelines.



Potters Field Six

This anthology sounds so delightfully creepy, I can’t even begin to tell you. Potters Field Six wants stories about unmarked graves. It doesn’t have to be just about a potter’s field, of course, there are tons of historical mass graves. Think of the Catacombs in Paris. Honestly, this contest is making me rethink writing for publication this year.

Genre- Horror

Word Count- 2,000 to 8,000

Due Date- June 30

Payout- $25

Here is your link to the full submission guidelines

East of The Web

This is a pretty basic market, and one that’s going to be added to the market list. East of The Web is looking for any new story that you would like to share.

Genre- Open

Word Count- Anything, so long as it’s still in the ‘short story’ range.

Payout- Not listed.

The artwork on this site is amazing, I have to say. It’s really inspired me to step up my cover art for my own short pieces.

Here, as always, is your link to the full submission guidelines.

For more


Markets- Over My Dead Body!

No, this is not a magazine about parenting, or tired cliches.  This is a mystery magazine that takes short fiction.  It’s clever, cute, and fun.

Genre- Fiction, Mystery and thriller.  Non fiction, reviews.

Word Count- 750-4,000

Sub date- Open to submissions year round.

Wait time- Six to eight weeks.

Payout- 1 cent per word.

Now, this magazine requires a solicitation before sending full manuscripts, so don’t send them anything without doing that first.  Here are their full submission guidelines.

Did you have luck with this market or any others?  Let me know, and I’ll include you in the monthly brag board on the last day of every month!

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