Four ways to celebrate National Poetry Month

Today’s beautiful cover art is from Mariangela Castro. <a href=”http://Image by Mariangela Castro (Mary) from And then it was April, and then it was Spring. And then it was poetry month and a prose writer tried to clumsily sound poetic.  I love poetry the way a child loves a cat. I don’t understand it, butContinue reading “Four ways to celebrate National Poetry Month”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Create a Found Poem

Warning; this is not a poetry form for you if you’re not really cool with defacing old books.  This is the poetry form for you if you’re also into drawing, painting, scrap booking, or collage work. A found poem is one that you discovered in the existing text on a page.  I think I usedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Create a Found Poem”