Carry Dr. King’s lessons into the Lunar New Year

Image by John Hain Monday ways MLK Day, the day we as a nation set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His lessons on equality of race and economic status, as well as his calls for peace, are ones that we should honor every day, not just once a year.  Maybe not withContinue reading “Carry Dr. King’s lessons into the Lunar New Year”

The price of war

I often spend time sitting at my local Dunkin, just people watching. I do something I call sketching, but what I mean is writing out little descriptive paragraphs about the people in the place with me. It’s a writing exercise. There’s a lot of kids, of course, drinking smoothies and soaking up the free wifi.Continue reading “The price of war”

A Writers Horror, Depression

Writers are weird.  We all know this.  We voluntarily lock ourselves in rooms and write made up stuff.  We are weird. Statistically speaking, we are also often depressed. I found out recently that, in addition to being an introvert, I suffer from depression.  That puts me on the list with Stephen King, Mark Twain, JKContinue reading “A Writers Horror, Depression”