Markets, Imaginate

Hello, hello, and welcome to the very first market of June. I have high hopes for this month, with four of my short stories out right now. I hope yours are just as high. With that in mind, I’ve got a two for one market today, with Imaginate. Every quarter, Imaginate runs two contests, oneContinue reading “Markets, Imaginate”

Market- How To Trick The Devil

Do you know the story of how Jack O Lanterns were invented?  There’s a lot of them, actually, but here’s the new one.  A drunk named Stingy Jack made a deal with the devil for one more drink.  The devil turns onto a coin, but Stingy Jack put him in his pocket with a cross,Continue reading “Market- How To Trick The Devil”

Market- Horror Tree

You know I’m a sucker for horror short fiction. Here’s one that really caught my attention, called The Horror Tree. Here’s what they’re looking for, from the site itself; Tacitus Publishing’s 2015 anthology project is – HAUNTED BY THE PAST. We are looking for short fiction that pays tribute to some of the past greatsContinue reading “Market- Horror Tree”

Markets- Radar Poetry

Here’s a simple little poetry anthology, Radar Poetry.  Pretty straightforward, no particular genre.  Just this, if you’ve written some poetry, send it here. Genre- poetry Word count- Minimum of three poems, Max of five. Sub Date- June 30. Wait Time- As the website said, expect a prompt response.  Usually within a few days of submission.Continue reading “Markets- Radar Poetry”

Markets- Eldritch Press

This weeks market is a new anthology seeking submissions for a steam punk horror book! Even if I don’t get a chance to submit anything, I might have to buy that. It’s by Eldritch Press, and it’s going to be called The Lost Worlds. Genre- Steam Punk Horror. Word Count- Up to 20,000 words, whichContinue reading “Markets- Eldritch Press”