Market- How To Trick The Devil

Do you know the story of how Jack O Lanterns were invented?  There’s a lot of them, actually, but here’s the new one.  A drunk named Stingy Jack made a deal with the devil for one more drink.  The devil turns onto a coin, but Stingy Jack put him in his pocket with a cross, trapping him.

I love trickster stories.  That’s why I’m so excited to find the How To Trick the Devil Anthology, thanks to the awesome Stephanie Buosi, who’s blog you can find here.   She also happens to be the one editing it.

Genre-  Fantasy, but with a specific theme, of course.  Your story should have a hero tricking someone to get out of a tricky situation, or to gain the upper hand.  Whether they get a happy ending or not is up to you.

Word Count- 3,000 limit

Sub date-  They’ll keep taking submissions until they’ve got enough for the anthology.  So, the earlier the better, I’d say.

Wait time- Roughly two to three weeks.

Payout- Publication, and royalties.

I’m excited about this one.  let me know if you have any luck, and I’ll post you in the monthly brag board.  I’ll probably also read you, because not only do I intend to submit a story, I intend to buy this book as soon as it’s done.


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