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Augh, so this one is kind of late, as the deadline is creeping up on us here.  If it makes you feel better, I’m in the middle of writing my story, and might get it done today, I’m not sure.  But here it is, this week’s market, called Something in The Machine.

It’s an anthology that is going to center on horror and fright from the machines that our lives depend upon to an increasing extent every day.  Here’s the catch, though.  Your story needs to not come off as anti technology, or anti progress.  While the horror should come from the machine, it shouldn’t be demonizing technology.  As a techno freak, I approve.  Two thumbs up and all.

Genre- Horror
Word Count- Under 10,000
Sub Date- July 31 (I told you it was soon.)
Wait Time- Not specified.
Payout- $5.00
Rights- First publication rights and exclusivity for six months.

Here’s your link to full submission details.  Good luck.

Also, here’s a story prompt for your weekend pleasure.  Or to get you started on your story here.  What’s your favorite bit of technology?  How could it kill you?  I went with a tablet, myself.  I’m pretty sure at this point I need it to breath.

Market- How To Trick The Devil

Do you know the story of how Jack O Lanterns were invented?  There’s a lot of them, actually, but here’s the new one.  A drunk named Stingy Jack made a deal with the devil for one more drink.  The devil turns onto a coin, but Stingy Jack put him in his pocket with a cross, trapping him.

I love trickster stories.  That’s why I’m so excited to find the How To Trick the Devil Anthology, thanks to the awesome Stephanie Buosi, who’s blog you can find here.   She also happens to be the one editing it.

Genre-  Fantasy, but with a specific theme, of course.  Your story should have a hero tricking someone to get out of a tricky situation, or to gain the upper hand.  Whether they get a happy ending or not is up to you.

Word Count- 3,000 limit

Sub date-  They’ll keep taking submissions until they’ve got enough for the anthology.  So, the earlier the better, I’d say.

Wait time- Roughly two to three weeks.

Payout- Publication, and royalties.

I’m excited about this one.  let me know if you have any luck, and I’ll post you in the monthly brag board.  I’ll probably also read you, because not only do I intend to submit a story, I intend to buy this book as soon as it’s done.

Market- Horror Tree

You know I’m a sucker for horror short fiction. Here’s one that really caught my attention, called The Horror Tree. Here’s what they’re looking for, from the site itself; Tacitus Publishing’s 2015 anthology project is – HAUNTED BY THE PAST. We are looking for short fiction that pays tribute to some of the past greats – M. R. James, Algernon Blackwood, Sheridan Le Fanu. The story should be a ghost story that carries the tone, stylistic language, and/or classic story structure.

Genre- Horror Fiction
Word Count- 1,500 to 5,000
Sub Date- August 31
Wait Time- Sometime after August 31.
Payout- 1 cent a word

Check out the site, because there’s some tricky bits about formatting that you’ll need to observe. And, fair warning, you’ll be up against yours truly, because I just can not pass this one up.

Have any luck with this market, or any other? Let me know for the monthly brag board, posted on the last day of every month.

Markets- Eldritch Press

This weeks market is a new anthology seeking submissions for a steam punk horror book! Even if I don’t get a chance to submit anything, I might have to buy that. It’s by Eldritch Press, and it’s going to be called The Lost Worlds.

Genre- Steam Punk Horror.

Word Count- Up to 20,000 words, which is rather extensive.

Sub Date- Right now, they’ve extended it, until they’ve got enough quality work to fill the book. So, I’d suggest you write something awesome and hustle.

Wait time- Unspecified

Payout- Eight cents a word. Which, by the way, is a raise over their last anthology, which paid only six cents a word.

Please, everyone send great stories to this one! I’ve got nothing when it comes to Steam punk, but I so desperately want to read yours! Their last book looks great, and is on my wish list right now.

For more places to send your work, don’t forget to check out my Facebook page every Monday for the agent of the week.

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