Markets, Something in The Machine

Don’t forget to sign up for Thirty Days, Thirty Ideas!  All the cool kids are doing it, you know.  Click here to sign up! Augh, so this one is kind of late, as the deadline is creeping up on us here.  If it makes you feel better, I’m in the middle of writing my story,Continue reading “Markets, Something in The Machine”

Market- How To Trick The Devil

Do you know the story of how Jack O Lanterns were invented?  There’s a lot of them, actually, but here’s the new one.  A drunk named Stingy Jack made a deal with the devil for one more drink.  The devil turns onto a coin, but Stingy Jack put him in his pocket with a cross,Continue reading “Market- How To Trick The Devil”

Market- Horror Tree

You know I’m a sucker for horror short fiction. Here’s one that really caught my attention, called The Horror Tree. Here’s what they’re looking for, from the site itself; Tacitus Publishing’s 2015 anthology project is – HAUNTED BY THE PAST. We are looking for short fiction that pays tribute to some of the past greatsContinue reading “Market- Horror Tree”

Markets- Radar Poetry

Here’s a simple little poetry anthology, Radar Poetry.  Pretty straightforward, no particular genre.  Just this, if you’ve written some poetry, send it here. Genre- poetry Word count- Minimum of three poems, Max of five. Sub Date- June 30. Wait Time- As the website said, expect a prompt response.  Usually within a few days of submission.Continue reading “Markets- Radar Poetry”

Markets- Eldritch Press

This weeks market is a new anthology seeking submissions for a steam punk horror book! Even if I don’t get a chance to submit anything, I might have to buy that. It’s by Eldritch Press, and it’s going to be called The Lost Worlds. Genre- Steam Punk Horror. Word Count- Up to 20,000 words, whichContinue reading “Markets- Eldritch Press”