June 2015 Brag Board

Time again for my favorite post of the month, the brag board!  Here I toot my own horn for all the cool things I did this month.  More importantly, though, I talk about all the cool things you did.

This month I didn’t hear from any of you, though.  So, I have to guess that you want to talk about it yourselves.  So go ahead, the comment section is wide open!  Tell us about how many contests you entered.  Tell us if you sold something, if you finished a piece.  How many literary agents did you submit to, because every time you do that it’s an accomplishment.  Tell us about it!

As for me, I sold a piece to an anthology!  That’s pretty big, because it’s the first time I’ve done that.  My previous credits have all been to online literary magazines.  An actual, honest to goodness book is a step up.  So, needless to say, I’m pumped.  I also submitted a flash piece to Imaginate.  I wish I had submitted more, but I also know I have to pace myself.

So, what did you do this month?

May 2015 Brag Board!

Welcome to the last day of the month, folks. I am so ready for June to start, it is so full of summer plans, summer fun, and oh yeah, my 29th birthday. Before we say goodbye, though, I want to take some time to celebrate May, and all the awesomeness that it held.

Our first brag is a pretty big one! Reader Deliawrites, who’s blog I also read (and has some super sweet illustrations) got her book in her local book store! I don’t know that I would have had the courage to walk in and bring that up, but wow di it work! Hop on over to her blog to say congratulations!

As for me, no publishing credits this month, sadly. But I did write and send out a whopping three short stories, which I am pretty stoked about.

What did you do this month that you are super proud of and want to share? Do we have any graduates? Let us know in the comments below!

Brag Board for April, 2015

Welcome, my beloved readers, to the first ever Paper Beats World Brag Board! I am so excited to start this brand new, once a month event where we get to talk about the awesome things we did this month!

Did you finish something big?
Did you make a sale, and want to let us know where your work’s going to be published?
Did you just graduate, get married, have a baby?
Did you write something on your blog that you’re super proud of, and you want to share?

Then let us know! All month long you can e-mail me anything great you did this month, and I’ll put it up on the board. If you’re getting this late, never fear! Just tell us about your awesome accomplishment in the comment sections below. Feel free to add links back to your own blog, too.

Brags for the month-

Me- I finished the rough draft of Starting Chains, Book one of Woven. Finally. I’ve been working on it since November, and it is such a relief to have it done.

I also wrote two really cool short stories. I can’t wait to get them edited.

So, what did you do this month?

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