Check This Out, the IC Blog Tour Questionair!

Hello, hello.  I am so thrilled to be involved in the IC Blog tour this summer!  I’d first like to give a huge thanks to Meghan Bliss, from The Blissful Poet, who invited me to the tour.  If you’re interested, check out her blog here.  It’s pretty sweet. For my regular readers, if you’re interestedContinue reading “Check This Out, the IC Blog Tour Questionair!”

Check This Out- Write Naked

If the title sounds familiar, yes I did mention this site a few weeks ago on Market.  It’s a great site to submit guests posts to and get paid for it. However, there were a lot of things I didn’t get to mention about Write Naked when I was talking about it as a freelanceContinue reading “Check This Out- Write Naked”

Check This Out- The Pomodoro Method

If you’re getting into the thick of your editing process, you’re in danger of running into one of two walls. Maybe you’re getting immersed in the process and forget about other things, like eating or personal hygiene. Or, you’re so daunted by the whole process that you’re waiting until you’ve got ‘real time’, to getContinue reading “Check This Out- The Pomodoro Method”