Missing Stitches Chapter Three

Victor looked down at his breakfast plate. There sat three soft-boiled eggs, sausage, toast with honey and butter. There was a hot cup of rich tea steaming next to his plate. There had been a time, when he was a poor boy growing up in Montelair, that a meal like this would have seemed anContinue reading “Missing Stitches Chapter Three”

Fantasy fans in the 21st century

Today’s cover art is from Free-Photos Speculative fiction has been seeing a lot of love over the last decade. I’ve lost count of the number of cult classic books and modern loves that I was sure I alone knew about, that are now considered mainstream works. Fantasy and science fiction, in particular, has been goingContinue reading “Fantasy fans in the 21st century”

Things to remember when writing different classes

Today’s cover art is from Anastacia Cooper. As an author, no one is more critical of my work than me. No one is a bigger fan than me, either. But we all know how fantasy fans are. We only truly rip apart what we love most. And when it comes to Woven, I’m always thinkingContinue reading “Things to remember when writing different classes”