Station Central, Episode Two

You can preorder Station Central right now on Smashwords. Sennett Sennett had rarely traveled off station with April. In fact, she’d very rarely traveled off station at all in her life. And after her experience traveling to Station Central, she doubted that she ever would again. April was miserable. She didn’t want to sleep, didn’tContinue reading “Station Central, Episode Two”

Station Central, Episode One

Preorder Station Central now on Smashwords. Prolog Once upon a time, a company called Galitech launched a space station. They wanted to see if space habitation would be sustainable for everyday people. They also wanted to make money. So they created Station Central, the vacation destination in the stars. It was far more successful thanContinue reading “Station Central, Episode One”

Virus, Episode Three

You can preorder Station Central right now on Smashwords. Thursday, AC April 6 Sennett was laying upside down on her couch, feet propped up on the headrest and her head just brushing the floor. She was watching the news, trying to figure out how they could make station life seem so boring. No one knewContinue reading “Virus, Episode Three”