Check This Out- Special Edition to say Goodbye To Girls with Slingshots

I found out something sad today.  One of my favorite web comics, Girls With Slingshots, is coming to an end on the next few months.

It’s actually the second web comic I read that’s coming to an end.  The other one is called ‘Shortpacked’, but that one’s not about writing, so I’ve never featured it on this blog.  But GWS is one that I’ve had on my list for awhile, and somehow never got around to telling you about.  Now, it’s almost too late, but there is still time.

The main character is a girl named Hazel.  She’s a writer, and at the start of the strip she’s an unemployed writer.  Eventually she gets a job at a newspaper, then a magazine.  One of the most touching moments early in the strip is a conversation she’s having with a friend on the phone.  He’s telling her not to be discouraged, that she’s a great writer and she’s going to make it.  “But,” she says, laying in a field under a star filled sky, “What am I going to write about?”

Which one of us hasn’t felt that way, at some point in our writing lives?

Don’t think it’s all serious, though.  Hazel’s got a talking cactus, a crew of insane friends that includes a dominatrix librarian, and a slight substance abuse problem.

So, check out Girls With Slingshots.  It’s a great time to get started, because the creator, Danielle Corsetto, is keeping the site updated by reposting the story from the start with new color and fun additions.  Even though it’s ending, it’s a great read.

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