Writing 101, day 20?!

Oh, wow, it’s the last day? I know we’ve only been doing this for a month, but somehow it still feels like the end of the school year, you know? I’m so excited to hear that we’re going to be doing this again in the summer.

So anyway, a post about my prized possession.

Hard to say, honestly. I’ve got my tablet that I depend on for writing, the day job and everything in between. Then there’s my massive collection of books, that I love.

Then, there is my bag. My writing bag. I bought it a year after I moved out of my mothers house. It’s an LL Bean bag, and it was $50.00. I have never spent so much money on something for myself that wasn’t electronic, and I’d never spent so much on myself before that. It’s canvas, and has a strap with real leather attachments and it made me feel very grown up. I’ve been carrying it ever since. I used to use it as a diaper bag. When my daughter was big enough to walk, but not big enough to walk the whole way home, I would put her on top of it, and carry her home. When she outgrew that, I covered the top portion in geek pins.

This bag was one of the first things I ever earned with money I bought that was big. It matters to me, and it still does.

But that’s not the most important thing.

The most important thing in my house is a ratty, old paperback copy of Bag of Bones by Steven King. It’s a good story. If you’ve never read it, you should. But it’s what it represents to me that matters more.

When I was sixteen, I sold my first piece of writing, a poem. It paid ten dollars, on Paypal. I’d earned money before, washing dishes and cleaning. But this was the first time I’d ever been paid for my work, my real work. That paperback books is important to me, because it represents the first time someone valued my writing enough to pay me for it.

This has been so much fun, guys. I’ve loved meeting so many of you, and I loved seeing some really great new blogs. Don’t be strangers.

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  1. Sweet little post. One of my favorite sentences: ” I used to use it as a diaper bag.” The items we treasure will find many uses… cause we love ’em so much. Some of the pot holders my grandma made are sitting as doilies beneath houseplants. They’re not stuffed inside some drawer.


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