Writing Prompt Saturday, What’s your Dream?

Have you signed up for the Thirty Days, Thirty Ideas Challenge yet?  Here’s a link if you haven’t yet.

I have a dream life.  It’s very specific, I have details.  Here’s my dream.

I want to live in a city apartment in Pittsburgh.  I want there to be a nearby coffee shop where I am known by name.  I want to be a novelist that at least flirts with the best seller lists.  I want to attend writers conferences and sign copies of my books.  I want to go to New York to meet with my agent, and I want to have book signing tours.  I want to speak at libraries.  I want to have an office, in my Pittsburgh apartment, where I go to work every day.  And I do mean every day.  I really don’t like taking days off from writing.

What’s your dream?  What makes you want to be a full time self published writer?  What do you think your days will look like when you achieve this dream?

I want you to go into detail with this exercise.  Really picture your dream work day.  I imagine a hot cup of coffee over a few hours of my most recent novel in the morning.  Then an hour of social media followed by any office work that needs done, balancing the budget or reading contracts.  Followed by an afternoon of short fiction work and blog writing.  Then an evening playing with the monsters and my husband.  I think I could spend the rest of my life just like that and be perfectly happy.

Let me tell you why this exercise helps me.  When I’m working hard, when rejection letters start coming fast, when I work ten hours at the day job just to come home and put in two more hours at my desk after the monsters are in bed, it’s not easy.  It’s sometimes the hardest thing in the world to drag my fat self out of bed at least an hour before I would need to so that I can get some writing time in before the day job.  When it’s too much, when I just don’t want to do it.  When I think I could just take one day off even though I know it would turn into another and another.  That’s when I think about my dream.  A desk at a window that overlooks Pittsburgh, with a days worth of writing to look forward to.

That’s the sort of dream that will get me out of bed every morning, guaranteed.  Whats yours?


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