What I’ve learned writing Broken Patterns

For those of you who don’t follow me on social media, or just missed it over the weekend full of updates, I finished Broken Patterns on Saturday night.


It’s been two years and four months, but let me tell you it’s worth it.  I kicked back, drank some pink catawba wine, and made an estimated timeline for the second draft of Starting Chains.


I always say that nothing teaches you how to like writing.  Here’s what I learned from writing Broken Patterns.


  • Everything takes longer than you think it’s going to.  The fourth draft was supposed to take three months, but it ended up taking seven.  Life happened, and I didn’t have a choice but to let it.
  • Breaks are important.  I set Broken Patterns aside for four months while I wrote the rough draft of Starting Chains.  The book was a lot better for the fresh eyes I had after that.
  • If you’re writing a series, keep your notebook with you at all times, because ideas for the rest of the series will come up at every stage.
  • Celebrate the small wins.  Like I said, this took me two years and four months.  That’s a long time to get to a finish line.  I celebrated at the end of every draft.
  • The work is far from over.  I have plans for thirteen more books, with some hesitant ideas for two more.  That’s at least 13 more years of work on Woven.


And, of course, it’s time for me to change my hat again.  I’ve worn my artist hat, working on the rough draft.  I’ve worn my editor hat for most of this year, polishing Broken Patterns until it shone.  Now, I put on my businesswoman hat and find an agent.  I’ll keep you updated.


What Rocked Last Week


  • My family went to Light Up Night in Pittsburgh.  It was awesome, as always.  We saw the trees light up, and caught a laser light show set to music from the Gorillaz.
  • I got to start re-reading Starting Chains.  It’s decent.  I mean, it needs a ton of work, but I think it’s going to be pretty good.
  • I’ve gotten almost 40 hours of editing in for NaNoEdmo.  With just ten more to go, I think I’ll actually get this done.


What I’m Looking Forward to This Week


  • Thanksgiving, of course.  There’s nothing better than a whole day devoted to food, family and football.
  • I’ll be starting on my Christmas cards on Friday.  I know this is a hated chore for a lot of people, but I love it.
  • The monsters have their Thanksgiving vacation this week.  I’m looking forward to some time with them that doesn’t include yelling at them to pay attention to class.

So what did you do this week?  Have you finished your nano goal yet, or are you still plugging away?


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