I am a Writer

Here’s something fun for Throwback Thursday, my very first post ever!

Paper Beats World

So, the other day, my older daughter said, “I want to write when I grow up, but not like a job. I want to do it as a hobby, like you.”

I could have killed her. It’s one thing to hear my work called a hobby by the rest of the world, but my own kid? This dream, this holy thing I put so much of my energy into, a hobby? How could my own child feel that way? I mean, we aren’t talking about stamp collecting, here.

It did get me thinking, once I was done being mad.

I spend most of my time at the day job. The one that keeps a roof over the head of the above mentioned ungrateful child and her sister. Usually I get no more than two hours a day to devote to writing, if that. I don’t make much money writing. So…

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