Plans for March, The Fantasy Genre

It’s March already, and that means a lot of things at my house. It means planting, more park trips, and the start of birthday nagging from the older monster.


It also means we get a new theme.


This month, I want to do a basic overview of the fantasy genre.


Which is to say, I will spend a lot of time talking about different details about the fantasy genre in the months to come. I also talked a lot about fantasy in May of last year when we talked about world building. But for now, I want to just talk about what makes fantasy different than any other genre.


I love fantasy, the whole thing. I love writing it, I love reading it. It is my core genre, after all.  Brandon Sanderson and Tamora Pierce are names you’re familiar with if you’ve read PBW for any length of time.


What do you think of the fantasy genre? Are you all about magic and dragons like me? Let me know in the comments.


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