Happy Cyber Monday! For those of you who, like me, celebrate Christmas, the season is officially underway. I’m spending a good part of my day on pretty mundane things. You know, writing out Christmas cards, decorating my house.

Oh, and launching my third book, Seeming.

I’ll be active on Facebook and Twitter all day, if you want to drop in and say hi. If you didn’t already order your copy, I have three ways for you to win a free one.

  1. Comment on this blog post.
  2. Tweet me telling me that you’d like a chance to win, using #station86.
  3. Leave a message on Paper Beats World’s Facebook wall.

I’ll be picking winners tomorrow morning, so you’ve got all day to get in there.

If you want to be sure to win a copy, the offer code s861 will still work until Tuesday. That gives you half off the cover price, making it only $1.50. Here’s a link if you want to buy it.

As always, I can’t be more grateful to all of you for the support you show me every day. Thank all of you for reading, commenting and liking my writing. I hope you loved Seeming.

Of course, I couldn’t go through Launch Day without giving a ton of love and thanks to Jeremy McClemmins, who did the amazing cover art. Here’s a link to his site if you want to check out more of his work.

Thank you all so much again. You Can’t Trust The AI will be launching early next year, if you can’t wait to see what’s next for Sennett and Godfrey.


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