I’m going to take a little break this week from promotional writing and business advice. I’m doing this for a long overdue rant that I hope benefits you. I hope that because if I don’t say something about this I’m going to lose my ever-loving mind.

A little background, first. I watch Leah Remini’s show about Scientology. I love it. I’ll spare you my whole fangirl attack. The point is that I think what she and Mike Rinder are doing is important. So when I saw they were doing an AMA on Reddit, I might have lost it a little.

So while I’m scrolling through the questions and answers, sipping a coke and just feasting on the crazy cult stuff (I have weird interests, sorry) I came across a question that pissed me right the hell off.

Someone asked Leah who did her nails. She’s uncovering horror stories and secrets about Scientology, a cult that has ruined people’s lives. Who the hell cares about her nails?

Yeah, Leah looks pretty good on the show, I’m not going to lie. Her hair’s done, her nails are done. Her makeup’s on point and her wardrobe’s expensive. But that’s not the point of what she’s doing here! Hell, Mike looks good on the show, too! They both look like gasp a makeup crew worked on them before they were on national tv. Shocker. But I didn’t see anyone asking Mike who his hairstylist was.

This might seem petty. But I don’t think it is. We’re treated differently, as women in the business. Mom-prenuer, power suits, screw all of that. We’re all living under this cliche image of running our businesses with our babies on our hips while looking damn good. But we can’t look that good, or we’re too self-absorbed.

First off, no one heralds a man who’s going to college, going to work or starting businesses with babies in tow. Do people think we’re the only ones who do that? Single dad’s don’t exist, maybe? Or is it just shocking that a woman can do it too?

But I’m getting off topic.

The point is this; women who succeed are often still judged by their appearance. But let’s take a look at who’s doing the judging.

People who haven’t succeeded, or who haven’t succeeded as much.

I don’t mean to say that caring about your appearance is bad. I love me some Too Faced and Mac. But I’m a writer, not a fashion model.

So if someone starts talking to you about your looks, don’t take it. If you’re conducting a professional interview and someone wants to know about your weight, your makeup, your nails, then I’d advise you to look real hard at their credentials. Because the people I admire don’t give a shit about that. The people who are working, producing, earning, creating, don’t care if your nails are done or not.

Here’s your actionable item this week. Do as much or as little for your appearance as you want. Be happy with you. Then get back to the work. Because we’ve got more to give this world than our looks.

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