I need to upgrade my shoes, and my life

I think black flats are a fairly standard piece of a woman’s closet. At least, I need a pair. Or, you know, two.

In the past, I’ve just gotten some cheap flats from a certain unnamed box store and wore them until they looked crappy. That didn’t take long. They also weren’t exactly what I’d call comfortable, or supportive. I couldn’t really walk around a lot in them, or my back would start hurting. But I figure, hell, they’re cheap right? And for most of my life, cheap was what I could afford.

Recently, this company came to my attention called Tori Burch. They make these flats that are iconic. They’re also almost $230.00 for a pair of bloody black flats!

Here’s the thing, though, I’m probably going to save up and get me a pair. And do you know why?

Because sometimes you’ve got to do an upgrade. Sometimes you’ve got to stop making do with the cheapest you can afford and invest in something real and of quality.

Okay, I’m not telling you all this to sell you on these flats. I’m telling you this because I had a mental shift that was similar to my transition from cheap flats to Tori Bush flats.

I realized that I, like my shoes, need an upgrade.

And since we’re nearing the start of 2019, it’s a good time to figure out what needs an upgrade.

I need to upgrade my internal voice, and that’s really where we need to start. Too often I find myself shortchanging myself. I get tired and lazy and start settling for what’s cheap, fast and easy. In many, many ways. Before I can fully fix that behavior, I need to start by understanding that I’m worth the effort. I need to put the effort into taking care of me before I take care of others because if I don’t I can’t take care of others.

I need to upgrade my skin care. And I’m honestly a little embarrassed that I’m still working on this. I’m thirty-two now, and I need to start taking good care of my skin. I mean drinking enough water, using a gentle cleanser, and finding a moisturizer that works with my hella oily skin. I’ve started using rose water as a primer and setting spray. It’s doing some great things for my skin. I also started, gasp, using an under-eye cream to get rid of my bags and decrease wrinkles. Yes, I understand that I’m going to age. I’d like to age gracefully. I’d also like to at least look like I slept last night.

I need to upgrade my money mindset. For instance, I just learned this year that there was a difference between a 401K and a retirement plan. I’m learning tons about investing, and how it’s not as unreachable as I thought it was. I’m also learning that I need a savings plan. Can you believe I don’t have a savings account? I’ve got to fix that.

I need to upgrade my attitude towards my writing. I’ve gotten into sort of a rut with my writing, and I’m finding that a lot of business decisions I’ve made in the past are just not working for me anymore. If they ever worked at all. So I’m going to be making some major changes in my writing career in 2019, doing some scary things that I’ve been hesitating to do. More on that soon.

I need to upgrade my faith in myself, finally. I have kind of a track record of quitting on things that I’ve found hard. I’ve not taken good care of my health, not done the difficult things when the easier thing was an option. I want to know that I can do difficult things, and have faith that I can do more than I believe that I can.

So what about you. What’s your Tori Bush level upgrade in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “I need to upgrade my shoes, and my life

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  1. I’m exactly the same. I buy the cheap shoes because, they’re cheap and why would I spend money on shoes for myself. Partly it’s because things like that aren’t important to me, but mostly it’s because 70 bucks on a pair of gorgeous shoes for myself seems to indulgent.

    My Tori Bush for 2019 is being more selfish. I know that sounds horrible but let’s take the negative connotations away for a minute – all it really means is putting my own needs, my own career and my own family before others sometimes. Not all the time. Not when there is a real and genuine need. Just, sometimes. Because I’m worth that level of selfishness, and so is my writing and my husband and my children.

    And you are worth a nice pair of shoes.

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