Booktube is a thing. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Today’s cover art is from Karolina Grabowska.

I spend a lot of time on Youtube. Honestly, it’s the majority of the video content I consume every day. News, cat videos, crafting and recipes, cat videos, music, science experiments, cat videos and fennec fox videos. You know, the usual. Oh, and competitive marble racing. Because that’s a thing. I learn all sorts of things from youtube, find meditations and yoga videos, and some really good ambient sounds to write to.

So why the hell did it take me so long to figure out Booktube is a thing? 

I’m falling into a rabbit hole of people talking about books! New books, mostly. Fantasy books, science fiction, nonfiction, romance novels. Not that I read that last one but to each their own. These people have such a love for reading, I’ve found my people. Talk about bookshelf envy! The color-coded shelves covered in fairy lights and nerdy figurines make me drool. Most of my books are second-hand paperbacks that look like they’ve been carried around in backpacks and dog eared for decades. Because most of them have.

But enough about the reasons I’ve fallen in love with Booktube. Here are -?- reasons why you should be watching Booktube too. Especially if you’re a writer.

It’s an easy way to keep up with trends

We all know it’s a stupid idea to write to trends. It’s a waste of time, honestly. There’s no way you can write, edit, promote and publish a book in time to catch up with a current trend. 

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to understand the trends. If you’re in the field, you need to know what’s going on in the field. 

But there’s so much to do as a writer. Advertising, editing, social media and doing the occasional bit of writing will quickly take up your day. I mean, if you even have a whole day to do writing things. Not like you have cleaning, cooking, day jobs, caring for family members and pets to do on top of all that. So now I’m expecting you to add keeping up with the hundreds of books that are released every week? 

Soon I’ll be making a list of easy ways to keep up with the publishing industry. I say soon because I need to figure it out myself first.

Booktube is on that list, though. It’s something I can do while my hands are busy. It’s also something I can do when I’m too tired to read another word. And honestly, those are the easiest things to keep up with. Why do you think I’ve been reviewing podcasts on Haunted MTL? But seriously, folks. Any way I can get information into me while doing other things is good.

It’s a great way to support other writers

While many books on Booktube are traditionally published, many aren’t. Indie books and books from indie publishers are shown on Booktube. In fact, given the relative popularity of Booktube over other places we learn about new books, it’s a great way to get the word out. Honestly, my to-read list has ballooned since watching these. Like I needed more books to read. But anything that encourages people to read more books is something I’m behind.

Learn about books you might never hear about otherwise

Yes, I know I was complaining about having too many books to read just like a sentence ago. But that’s the best problem to have. I honestly had never heard of some of these books. But I’m excited that I know about them. I’m going to enjoy reading them. And I have excited girls in big glasses on Booktube to thank for that.

Feel inspired by people who love books

And let’s talk about these girls. Sorry if that feels very specific, but I have yet to see a male Booktuber. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Here’s the thing, though. There are times when being an author is fucking depressing. I am so sick and tired of being surrounded by people who say that they don’t have time to read. They aren’t really big book readers. They’re just too busy. 

Were you too busy to watch hours of Netflix? I don’t freaking think so!

Because of this, Booktube is therapeutic. I loved seeing all of these people, my age and younger, obsessed with books. I love seeing people fangirl and fanboy over authors and novels. Talking about crushes on fictional characters, gushing over sequels from their favorite authors, showing off stacks of new books. I love these people.

So now I need to ask you a favor. I watch two Booktubers regularly. They’re both British women with glasses. I’d like to broaden my viewing. If you’re a fan of a Booktuber, please leave their information in the comments. If you are a Booktuber, by all means, leave a link. I will watch you.


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