America, embrace the mutt!

Dogs are awesome, literally gifts. I didn’t use to think this before having my own, but I’m now totally convinced. Dogs were put on Earth by God to give us honest, uncompromising love. America loves its dogs. There were 89.7 million pet dogs in America in 2017, and I’m sure the number has only goneContinue reading “America, embrace the mutt!”

Carry Dr. King’s lessons into the Lunar New Year

Image by John Hain Monday ways MLK Day, the day we as a nation set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His lessons on equality of race and economic status, as well as his calls for peace, are ones that we should honor every day, not just once a year.  Maybe not withContinue reading “Carry Dr. King’s lessons into the Lunar New Year”

The price of war

I often spend time sitting at my local Dunkin, just people watching. I do something I call sketching, but what I mean is writing out little descriptive paragraphs about the people in the place with me. It’s a writing exercise. There’s a lot of kids, of course, drinking smoothies and soaking up the free wifi.Continue reading “The price of war”

Join me in helping the people at the American border

Some time ago I wrote a blog post in defense of the immigrants seeking asylum at the American border.  Seeking asylum isn’t illegal, but they’ve been shoved into cages and forced to exist in inhumane conditions that I, as an American, am ashamed of. It’s monstrous, and I’ve had enough. I bet you’ve had enough,Continue reading “Join me in helping the people at the American border”