The five best moms of fiction

Let’s hear it for the moms. Mother’s Day is Sunday, so I wanted to share my top five favorite fictional mothers.  Marge Simpson Ah, Marge. She’s exactly what we all think of when we think of a mom. She’s kind, supportive, loving. She bakes cookies and makes her family warm breakfasts every day. She believesContinue reading “The five best moms of fiction”

Splitting books between two movies. Room for detail or a money grab?

Books, especially fantasy books, have experienced a great swelling of interest. Streaming services and cable channels scramble for new content. As they can often offer a long-form setup and give more room to tell a story, more and more good books are ending up there. And they’re doing way better there! For instance, the movieContinue reading “Splitting books between two movies. Room for detail or a money grab?”

Dead Like Me, a series review

One thing I love about the modern way we watch tv is the ability to binge-watch old shows. Can you believe I’d never seen Seinfeld? We sure fixed that now. Another show we recently binged that took a depressingly short amount of time was Dead Like Me. Originally a Showtime show, we found it onContinue reading “Dead Like Me, a series review”