The five best moms of fiction

Let’s hear it for the moms. Mother’s Day is Sunday, so I wanted to share my top five favorite fictional mothers. 

Marge Simpson

Ah, Marge. She’s exactly what we all think of when we think of a mom. She’s kind,Marge supportive, loving. She bakes cookies and makes her family warm breakfasts every day. She believes in Bart even at his worst. She supports Lisa even in her most depressed. 

My favorite moment from Marge is when Lisa is depressed. Marge thinks back to her mother, and her insistence that Marge always has a smile on her face.

Marge tells Lisa that if she’s going to be sad that she should go ahead and be sad. She, Marge, would ride it out with her. 

Lynn Sear

I know it’s really popular to shit on M. Night Shyamalan right now, and with good reason. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to Avitar the Last Airbender. But that doesn’t mean that all of his movies are bad. Sixth Sense was, in fact, really freaking good. And Lynn Sear was pretty freaking cool.

Look at Sixth Sense from her perspective. Her kid is weird, he’s depressed. He spends more time than a normal kid talking to people she can’t see. And then, at the end of the damned movie, he starts babbling on about her dead father and how proud of her he is. And she just loves him and does her best to help with a situation she can’t begin to understand. 

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor is a badass, scary as hell character who takes no shit from anyone. She raises her son the best way she knows how given what she knows. She makes sure that he has the training to survive the coming apocalypse. She hangs out with guys who will teach her son. She doesn’t give a damn about her own life, just so long as she can make him the man he needs to be.

Joyce Byers

Played by the fantastic Winona Ryder, Joyce is exactly the sort of adult we always want to see in horror movies. She sees the crazy shit going on, she listens to the concerns of the kids, and she listens to them! She doesn’t dismiss the kids because they’re children. Weird shit starts going down, and she’s paying enough attention to see it. And when her kid goes missing, she never gives up on him.

Morticia Addams

This is the hill I will die on! Morticia Addams is the best mom in fiction and no one can Morticiatell me any different! 

Morticia’s whole life is about her kids. She loves them fiercely, but she doesn’t hover. She allows them to grow, explore, make mistakes and learn from them. But she’s always there when they need her.

Morticia doesn’t miss PTA meetings. She goes to every open house. And when her kids start making some decisions she doesn’t agree with, like wanting to go to shudder Summer Camp, she supports them. 

So that’s my list of the top five best moms in fiction. Now I want to hear from you. Who’s your favorite fictional mom? Let us know in the comments below. 

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