Writing Prompt Saturday- Hometown

What can you tell me about your hometown?  I bet you ask anyone that question, and you’ll get a flood of stories.  some will be good, some will be horrifying.  Some, like mine, will be about this crazy guy who chased me off his porch with a shotgun while campaigning.  The guy had a taxidermy squirrel on his porch.  I should have known better, the blame lies with me, honestly.

The point is, our hometowns have a significant effect on who we are.  The same goes for your characters.

So, what’s your main characters hometown like?  What sort of stores, restaurants, and jobs are there?  Is this an average town in the world you’re building, or is it unusual in some way?

Does your main character like her hometown?  Or could she not wait to shake the dirt of the place from her shoes?  What about your character would let someone else in the world know she’s from that town?

Try to come up wit as much detail as possible, especially if your book isn’t set in the real world.  What’s an average hometown look like in a world where gargoyles walk around and mermaids live in the village fountains?

Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Senryu Poem

I’ve got a thing for Japanese poetry. I really love it. My favorite has always been the Haiku. It’s perfection is derived from its simplicity. You’ve got three lines, 17 syllables total, to show just one beautiful, natural, moment in nature.

You can imagine how excited I was, then, to find out about senryu poetry. It’s got the same basic haiku set up, three lines, 17 syllables. 5,7,5 if you don’t already know. But instead of being about nature, it’s about people.

Since I really do believe brevity is the source of wit, and I’m damn witty, here’s an example of a senryu poem that I actually wrote, for a change.

My daughters smiles
With crooked teeth and bright eyes
No better image.

Try your hand at a senryu poem this week. As always, feel free to post yours in the comment section below!

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Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Burlesque Poem

No, there’s nothing inherently inappropriate with this type of poetry. Well, maybe there is, but not in the sort of way you’re thinking. At least, there doesn’t have to be. There could be, if you wanted there to be, is what I’m saying.

A burlesque poem is one that takes a comical look at something serious. Personally, I would categorize the poem, Mighty Casey as one such poem, because I think the thought of this big shot striking out is really funny, but there are some that would not agree, I’m sure.  Possibly my favorite example would be the poem The Unicorns, by Shel Silverstein.

Take a shot at a burlesque poem this week. Then, feel free to post it in the comment section. Have a good weekend, everybody.

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Writing Prompt Saturday- What do you hate about your first draft?

Alright, this is something I do with all of my fist drafts. I unload. I am furious at my first draft! I spent all that time and ink, slaving over a hot notebook and keyboard to make it perfect and for what? It’s not perfect. It’s not just as I want it to be. It’s full of spelling mistakes, terrible dialog, and plot holes I could drive a Buick through! Basically, I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.

So I write about all the things I hate about my first draft. I get it all out on paper, without judgment. Then, I know what I want to fix.

What do yo hate about your first draft? Tell it all about what you don’t like about it. Go ahead and hurt its feelings. It hurt you.

As always, feel free to post what you hate about your first draft in the comment section below!

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