Writing Prompt Saturday- Hometown

What can you tell me about your hometown?  I bet you ask anyone that question, and you’ll get a flood of stories.  some will be good, some will be horrifying.  Some, like mine, will be about this crazy guy who chased me off his porch with a shotgun while campaigning.  The guy had a taxidermyContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Hometown”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Senryu Poem

I’ve got a thing for Japanese poetry. I really love it. My favorite has always been the Haiku. It’s perfection is derived from its simplicity. You’ve got three lines, 17 syllables total, to show just one beautiful, natural, moment in nature. You can imagine how excited I was, then, to find out about senryu poetry.Continue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Senryu Poem”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Burlesque Poem

No, there’s nothing inherently inappropriate with this type of poetry. Well, maybe there is, but not in the sort of way you’re thinking. At least, there doesn’t have to be. There could be, if you wanted there to be, is what I’m saying. A burlesque poem is one that takes a comical look at somethingContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Burlesque Poem”

Writing Prompt Saturday- What do you hate about your first draft?

Alright, this is something I do with all of my fist drafts. I unload. I am furious at my first draft! I spent all that time and ink, slaving over a hot notebook and keyboard to make it perfect and for what? It’s not perfect. It’s not just as I want it to be. It’sContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- What do you hate about your first draft?”