Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Senryu Poem

I’ve got a thing for Japanese poetry. I really love it. My favorite has always been the Haiku. It’s perfection is derived from its simplicity. You’ve got three lines, 17 syllables total, to show just one beautiful, natural, moment in nature.

You can imagine how excited I was, then, to find out about senryu poetry. It’s got the same basic haiku set up, three lines, 17 syllables. 5,7,5 if you don’t already know. But instead of being about nature, it’s about people.

Since I really do believe brevity is the source of wit, and I’m damn witty, here’s an example of a senryu poem that I actually wrote, for a change.

My daughters smiles
With crooked teeth and bright eyes
No better image.

Try your hand at a senryu poem this week. As always, feel free to post yours in the comment section below!

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