Quiet Apocalypse, Chapter One

Quiet Apocalypse come out tomorrow! But for now, here’s the prologue and chapter one. The end of the world started on a dark winter night. Trees circled the apartment building at 437 Oakmont. They weren’t old trees, nor were they tall. Yet to look at them, one would think them ancient. They were twisted andContinue reading “Quiet Apocalypse, Chapter One”

It’s another launch day, Station Central is going wide today

Station Central is now available on Smashwords! Today is the day at last and I’m pretty stoked. I always like to end the year on a high note, and this one’s pretty good.  Which is nice because this year has been pretty much a dumpster fire.  But here at least is something pretty cool. Now,Continue reading “It’s another launch day, Station Central is going wide today”

Falling From Grace is now available for Pre-order!

Pretty exciting news today. Falling From Grace, the fourth book in the Woven series, is now available for pre-order! Meet Grace. A woman of the rebellion, Grace’s life has been one of hardship. Her people live in poverty, under the uncaring eyes of their mad king. So when her brother in law, Calvin, leads anContinue reading “Falling From Grace is now available for Pre-order!”

The Middle Finger Project, the book, launches today!

And I already got my copy! It’s sitting on my desk quietly waiting for me to finish the book I’m reading now. I’m going to really have to focus on actually getting things done with this book sitting here. I cannot wait to crack into it. Honestly, if you’ve been around PBW for any amountContinue reading “The Middle Finger Project, the book, launches today!”