It’s another launch day, Station Central is going wide today

Station Central is now available on Smashwords! Today is the day at last and I’m pretty stoked. I always like to end the year on a high note, and this one’s pretty good. 

Which is nice because this year has been pretty much a dumpster fire. 

But here at least is something pretty cool. Now, no matter the platform or device you have, you can download Station Central. This is, in my humble opinion, the best Station 86 story to date.

It’s also Black Friday. I hope no one reading this has been out shopping today. We’re in a pandemic and I want all of you to stay safe. Today is a great day instead to do some online shopping, maybe write out your holiday cards or put your decorations up. Maybe just curl up with a good book and some hot tea. That’s what I’ll be doing. 

Here’s to a wonderful, if different holiday season. Stay warm, stay safe. And I hope you all enjoy a vacation adventure turned horrifying in Station Central.

Check out Station Central now on Smashwords.


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