Plans for June 2015

Welcome to June on Paper Beats World. And this month? It’s going to be awesome. Because we are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics.

Balancing Writing With Being A Parent.

As I might have mentioned about a thousand times, I have two beautiful daughters. And after eleven years of fitting writing between nap times, dinner and dentist appointments, I have learned a ton.

But I bet there are a lot of you out there who know more than me.

And I want to hear from you. If you’ve got some great writing parent advice, please let us hear it.

So, here’s what we’ll be talking about this month

* Writing activities to do with your kids.
* Keeping your kids out of the spotlight.
* A special thanks to fathers.
* And a play by play on how I find writing time with my kids.
I’ll also be talking about some apps that help me be a writing mommy, reviewing some indie books, and talking about parenting on the Paper Beats World Facebook page.

Finally, I am starting my Path To Full Time Writing newsletter. If you’re trying to quit your day job and become a writer full time, well so am I. I’m using the newsletter to share what I am doing to make that dream real. If you want to join us for some real world tips, please sign up here.

I am so looking forward to all of the awesome things we’re going to do together this month, including another class in Writing 101! See you there.


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