My 18 Before 2018 List

I’m participating in Lisa Jacobs’ 18 Before 2018 challenge. This is the third year I’ve done this, and I can’t begin to tell you how much it helps me.

By this time of the year, my yearly goals are in disarray. This year, for instance, I wanted to do so many things! Many of my goals I’ve accomplished or are on the way to being accomplished. Some I decided weren’t important to me anymore.

Some, however, are super important, but I don’t really want to do them. Things like building an emergency fund, getting my drivers license, (yes, I am 31. Don’t judge.) and decluttering my house. There are also a few different projects that I’ve been dreading, like tearing down my Wix site so that Indie Creative is all the way switched over to the WordPress site.

It’s just a lot of little things, and some just plain boring things, that I need to get cleared out before the end of the year.

This is a useful practice, and I highly suggest it to all of you. Start by clicking over to Lisa Jacob’s site, and read her instructions.

Because I know you’ll all keep me accountable, I’d like to share my 18 Before 18 list with you today. I’d also like to invite you to share links to your own lists in the comment section below. That way we can help each other out.

  1. Take care of the list of debt I didn’t know I had until I went for an audit in preparation for buying a car. The things you learn…
  2. Finish Virus, and start posting it on Paper Beat’s World. (Coming November 29th)
  3. Finish Missing Stitches, book 3 of Woven. (Should be available in mid-2018 because of reasons.)
  4. Publish Starting Chains. (September 8th.)
  5. Cancel my Fiverr account. (As part of changing my personal mindset about my business and simplifying things.)
  6. Make and stick to a much stricter budget.
  7. Save up an emergency fund.
  8. Celebrate my darling husband’s birthday
  9. Have successful holidays (What does a successful holiday mean? That’s different for every family. I do suggest taking some time to make a list of what would make your holidays successful.)
  10. Get back into a routine of taking my vitamins.
  11. Get back into a healthy skin care routine.
  12. Clear out old Wix site.
  13. Clean out and remodel my office.
  14. Get my driver’s license.
  15. Start a more solid free writing practice. Like, every day for example.
  16. Start a yoga practice.
  17. Finish my submissions for two more anthologies. (By the way, I have a short in an anthology coming out on September 15th. It’s called Project 9. Keep an eye out for more information.)
  18. Boost my FB following for Indie Creatives. (Not sure how I’m going to do that yet.)

As you can see, these are a little all over the place. But if I can get these 18 things done, I’ll go into 2018 feeling like I have a handle on things and am ready to progress.

What’s on your 18 Before 2018 list?

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