Banned Books Month

I am so excited that it’s September!

September is my favorite month of the year. Fall starts and pumpkin flavored things abound. The kids are back to school, meaning I have a lot more time to write. The holidays are just weeks away. (I start celebrating Halloween October first. My kids already have their costumes figured out because they usually take me two months to get done.)

And, it’s Banned Books Month!

I’m celebrating with a banned book, of course. I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series. You know they’ve been banned, right? Because they have.

I’ll also be asking all of my author friends on social media to join with me in telling the world why our books would be banned, using hashtag #banmybook on either Twitter or Facebook.

I honestly can’t think of a single reason to ever ban a book. I’ve told my kids that a book is too old for them, and they would have to wait until they were older. But I’ve never told them they couldn’t read a book ever.

I’ve read books I didn’t like. I’ve read books I didn’t agree with. I’ve, in fact, flipped off displays of books when I’ve seen them in public. (I’m not always a lady.) But I’ve never, ever, seen a book that I think should be banned.

How could anyone want to ban an idea?

That’s why we celebrate this holiday every year. To remind us that we must always stay vigilant against censorship in any form and oppression in any degree.

Please tell us in the comment section what you’re reading for Banned Books Month. And, join the conversation on social media with #banmybook.


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