Seeming is free this weekend!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Personally, I’m spending the day enjoying leftovers and writing out my Christmas cards.

Something that you should be doing today is downloading Seeming for free! Because to celebrate the premiere of Virus next week, Seeming is going to be free until Monday. Don’t forget, it has an extra episode that was never published on PBW.

Station 86 is shocked when a Khloe assassin begins killing members of the all-powerful council. Officer Sennett Montgomery and Councilman Godfrey Anders swear to find the assassin after Godfrey’s wife is falsely accused. But the killer and the council itself are not what they seem. Neither, as it turns out, is Sennett’s daughter.

Here’s a link

Get the book for yourself, or as a gift for someone. Happy holidays.



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