July Twitter story, Home Sweet

Every month Solstice Publishing hosts a Twitter Tale event with a different picture for inspiration. You can follow along with stories from several Solstice authors, including myself. Check out #Twittertales every Thursday and Friday. And now, check out my July story, Home Sweet.

Annie pulled her coat on, shivering. The one room in the old house was all the three of them could afford, it was always cold. She tucked her hands in her pocket, felt something. She pulled out a pair of thick, red gloves that she’d never seen.

Annie didn’t have time to figure out the mystery gloves, she had to get to work. She pulled them on and headed out. Old Blanch was sitting on the front porch, already. She’d gotten a bottle of something somewhere, and she was sipping at it.

Annie gave Blanch a nod on her way out, which the old woman returned. “Have a good day,” Annie said.

“You too,” Blanch said, her voice already slurred. “Hurry back. She don’t like when you’re gone long.”

Again, Blanch was going on about that?

Old Blanch sat back against the doorframe, watching Annie vanish into the crowds. She didn’t know, how could she know?

The house knew, though. Houses, even old ones like this, knew who belonged to them. And Annie belonged to this one.

The house knew her, had known Annie long before her life began. She didn’t remember, with her one lifetime of memories. But the house did. And it would take care of her. It would always take care of her. In this lifetime and the next.

Station Central has been touted as the vacation destination in the stars. Its success and img_20190525_111353_536-1954561340.jpgpopularity as not only a great place to vacation, but a great place to live was the start of mankind moving off of Earth and into the stars.
Sennett, Godfrey and Liam head there in search of a much-needed vacation. Instead, they find a council at war with each other, a population starving and an accused murderer lurking in the shadows. Sennett and Godfrey fight to keep April safe as family secrets threaten to destroy them, even as the Hollow Suits come out of hiding and attack. Will they survive the fourth installment of Station 86?

Preorder your e-copy now!


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