Last minute gifts you still have time for

It’s December 18th. We’re a week away from Christmas Day. And it’s 2020. Going to the store is a bad idea. Ordering online is a great idea, if you did it several weeks ago. Now it’s too late to to be sure of shipping. At least without ensuring gouging shipping fees and the eternal hatred of your mail carrier. 

Alright, so what are you supposed to do if you haven’t gotten something for someone yet? You can order something and just accept that they’ll get it late. That’s fine, absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can pretend it got lost in the mail, but that’s a dick move. 

But those aren’t your only options! You can still get your loved ones a gift that they’ll love. Here are four ideas. 


Subscription services are awesome, and they’re great gifts. They’re something that can be appreciated all year long. Spotify, Netflix, Hulu. For story lovers there’s Serial Box. No matter what your loved one is into, you can find a subscription for them. 

Homemade gifts

Not just for children! As adults I think we forget that homemade gifts can be treasured just as much as store bought. 

Now, I’m not suggesting this is the time to get out the knitting needles. If you didn’t start a big project like that in September you’re probably not getting it done. 

That being said, there are some great things you can make. Sea salt with some lavender buds, sage, orange peel or rose petals is a lovely gift. If you’ve got little ones you forgot, you can whip up a container of homemade play dough. Or just make the dough yourself and make some handmade ornaments. 

If you’re a fan of baking, a batch of cookies or a cake might be a great gift. Clutter free, too. 

Printable gifts

If you’ve got a printer, look into this. I spent some time on Etsy and found some of the cutest things. Printable games, gift tags, paper dolls. And I mean like really awesome paper dolls. Like, I might get some of these for me dolls. (I’m thirty-four, I can play with dolls if I want to.) Seriously, the imagination put into these things is just amazing. 

There’s nothing wrong with a gift card

Honestly, this is a tried and true gift. This is what I got my best friend’s kids a gift card for Hanukkah. Do you remember being a kid and getting a gift card? How fun was that? It’s a little credit card that you can spend on what you want like a grown up!

All hope is not lost. You can still get a great gift for your loved ones. It just might take some thinking out of the box.

I hope this helps you guys have a great holiday season. If these tips were helpful, let me know in the comments. 


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