It’s time for another holiday pep talk

It’s November, and it’s time to have the talk. The same talk we have every year. Sorry not sorry, we’re gonna talk about it again. As much as we all want to pretend otherwise, this holiday season is going to look an awful lot like last holiday season. Supply lines are backed up. Everyday itemsContinue reading “It’s time for another holiday pep talk”

Last minute gifts you still have time for

It’s December 18th. We’re a week away from Christmas Day. And it’s 2020. Going to the store is a bad idea. Ordering online is a great idea, if you did it several weeks ago. Now it’s too late to to be sure of shipping. At least without ensuring gouging shipping fees and the eternal hatredContinue reading “Last minute gifts you still have time for”

Building new traditions

Holidays are often built around traditions that are passed down from year to year, generation to generation. The ornament that your mom put on the tree when she was little, that your son is putting up now. The movie you watch with your dad. The book you read with your grandmother. It’s part of whatContinue reading “Building new traditions”