The Writing Life, June 9

This last week has been pretty eventful, let me tell you.  So eventful, in fact, that I’d like to spend some quite time with some red wine and Insurgent, which I am still not done with.  But I don’t think that’s actually going to happen.  Here’s why. First of all, I got a super greatContinue reading “The Writing Life, June 9”

The Writing Life, June 2

So, I’m turning 29 this coming Sunday.  It’s okay, not like I’ve only got one year left in my twenties or anything. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s birthday makes them think about how far they’ve come in their lives.  Pretty sure that’s what birthdays are for, to remind us that our timeContinue reading “The Writing Life, June 2”

The Writing Life- May 26

So, something pretty awesome happened last week.  Well, it’s awesome for me.  Probably no one else will care, some might even think it’s sad how excited about this I am, but that’s okay. At the start of 2015, I made a whole list of goals for the year.  I want to publish an e-book (stillContinue reading “The Writing Life- May 26”

The Writing Life- May 19 plus a pretty exciting announcement.

So, I had an aha moment this past week.  I realized that I’m doing a lot of good things to help set myself up as a full time writer.  I have a few e-books in the works. I’m very nearly done with my first novel, Broken Patterns.  I was published twice last year.  I’ve gotContinue reading “The Writing Life- May 19 plus a pretty exciting announcement.”

The Writing Life, May 5

Much better week this week.  Home life is calming down, and my writing can go back to center stage.  I even get, gasp, a whole day to focus just on writing, at my favorite coffee shop.  Of course, this was after a very sick day on Monday.  I’ve always been a really dedicated employee, soContinue reading “The Writing Life, May 5”

The Writing Life- A Prayer for My Agent

Lord, please look after the agent upon who’s desk my manuscript is placed Let her have a good cup of coffee, and an empty bladder Let her be in a peaceful frame of mind Let her not be rushed, or tired Let her not be jaded Let her put away preconceived notions and bigotries Lord,Continue reading “The Writing Life- A Prayer for My Agent”

The Writing Life- Orginizing Submissions

You should know by now that I have a thing about organization. Especially when it comes to my writing, keeping order is keeping my sanity. Submissions are a pretty big thing to keep organized. If you haven’t started yet, start right now. If you’ve only got one submission, set up your process anyway. Those suckersContinue reading “The Writing Life- Orginizing Submissions”

The Writing Life- Reading to Learn

There is a ton of things that go into being a good writer, as we’ve discussed here. You’re not just writing, or just editing, or just revising. You’re also learning all the time. This business changes all the time, and you’ve got to keep on top f things. The good thing is, you’re keeping onContinue reading “The Writing Life- Reading to Learn”